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The Tilt & Turn Window

The Tilt & Turn window is both our specialty and a European staple, used in homes occupied by multiple generations. Available in various sizes and styles, Tilt & Turn windows are able to handle most every climate, from humid summers to frigid winters. Thermal transferability starts from the outside. Your first line of defense in the Tilt & Turn window is thick, durable multiple air chambers in the frame which prevent colder air from being transferred to the middle air chamber. This creates a dead air lock which doesn’t allow either the cold or warmth to win the battle.

A thinner, secondary wall further helps stop cold from getting into your house. All of our Tilt & Turn windows feature Low-E energy efficient 5 mm glass (LOW-E5) Opening windows on a hot summer day instead of cranking the AC is a noble gesture but not necessarily an efficient one. It creates air flow but not air exchange. Simply put, if you open multiple non-Tilt & Turn windows in your home on a hot day, only a path of air traveling through your house will be replaced by cooler air, not all of it. When you open a Tilt & Turn window, there is a redistribution of air pressure in the room whereby the hottest (and highest pressure) air near the ceiling escapes outside, with cooler air entering through the side of the window, cooling the whole room. Air flow only removes air in that stream; air exchange changes all the air in the room. Our 5 mm glass with Low-E coatings also blocks harmful UV rays which fade furniture and carpets, and deflects solar heat rays.

Why should rooms be ventilated?

The purpose of room ventilation is to exchange the moist inside air with the drier outside air. But reducing the humidity is not the only task that modern ventilation systems need to fulfill, since a continuous and sufficient supply of fresh air is important for the inhabitants as well. Thus, the following criteria need to be met. The window can be tilted inwards for optimal, draft-free ventilation. This position is restricted to no more than 150mm and is secured to prevent intruders from getting in, leaving you and your property safely protected. The tilt position of a Tilt & Turn window is best for ventilation. The outside air is channeled through the sides of the window, while hotter air that rises escapes through the top.




Safety and Security - Your personal living space is a precious commodity. It is a basic need of everybody to protect it and safeguard the quality of life. Here windows and doors assume key importance. They not only provide coziness, keep noise outside, and help to save energy costs – burglar resistant windows also protect your home from forced entry by strangers. Tilt &Turn windows give you a comforting feeling of security. They enhance and maintain an essential part of your living quality, and protect what is important to you. There are no gaps between the frame and the sash where any intruder can insert a tool to forcibly open the window.  Tilt & Turn windows meet resistance class 2 in its capacity to resist forced entry. Our superior German Engineered Multi-point locking system also add to the security. (See Photo below)

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