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Window & Door Products

OUR MISSION: We start with over 30 years of innovative improvement and development, taking the best of the best then designing and efficiently manufacturing the highest product quality with all the options in Custom Windows, Doors and Ironworks. Next, we believe GRüNBURG Custom products are an exceptional brand with broad product offerings, energy efficient, all at an equally exceptional value. And lastly, we are committed to great service and personal loyalty to our clients, following through with an excellent warranty for your projects. We offer sophistication in windows and doors, superior quality with surprising affordability. 


Sophisticated Design with Superior Quality - Our specially designed windows and doors are made to order, with your individual specifications and design requirements all with German engineered tilt and turn performance. Each product is crafted to fill the order criteria and is never from a stockpile of inventory. 


Made with the finest glass - Double glazing, tempered; our standards are built with 5mm Low-E +12A + 5mm, with our superior High Energy Performance U Factors, argon gas, warm edge glazing system and high quality EPDM rubber gaskets. The main properties of EPDM are its outstanding heat, ozone and weather resistance, durability and excellent insulating properties. Product enhancements may include needs such as special sizing, custom paint, bullet proof glass, energy performance products, and coastal units. Specializing in Replacement windows and doors for projects of all eras, GRüNBURG Windows, Doors and Ironworks will tailor-make products for your very individualized project including your oversized projects.


Featuring Precision German Engineered Hardware   Our precision German-engineered hardware combines durability (multi-point locking system) with unsurpassed beauty and safety in every handle set. Multi-point locking systems are the standard of excellence by keeping door panels straight and maintaining gasket contact.  Our hardware is essential to our goal of providing the best in high performance windows and doors for architects, builders and homeowners. 



Superior in Quality and Design

Debridge Technology offers Superior Thermal Insulation -The ever-increasing demands for better cold and heat retention have motivated profile systems manufacturers to increase the insulating qualities of our products. One of the main goals of this development program was to achieve heat transfer coefficients equal to the glazing. In the beginning, the goal was to improve the insulation factor. GRüNBURG Meister 3000 Debridge design not only to meets the requirements of architectural aesthetics and architectural features, but also give more consideration to energy saving building design, fully reflects the current popular international architectural design three principles: "openness and communication, comfort and nature, environmental protection and energy savings.


What is “debridged” and what are the benefits? The process of debridging removes a minimum of 5mm of metal, creating a break in excess of the requirements of the formal definition of a thermal break. A  barrier channel is “debridged”, meaning a separation is created between the inner and outer surfaces of the frames. It’s sophisticated, mature technology makes it more energy efficient and energy cost effective


Not all of our available products are listed above - please contact us for information regarding all of our products

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